Ultra4 USA is a national 4×4 racing series, a lifestyle, and a culture of extreme off-road racing. Often described as a cross between rock crawling and high speed desert racing, Ultra4 USA combines the most extreme elements of four-wheel-drive racing to create the ultimate off-road challenge.

Typically long-distance and endurance events, with competitors covering hundreds of miles over the course of several hours or even days, Ultra4 racing requires a combination of speed, technical driving skills, and endurance, as drivers must navigate through challenging terrain while maintaining their vehicles’ performance. The series features a variety of different race formats, including rock crawling, hill climbs, and desert racing, making for an exciting and unpredictable competition.

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This weekend, watch the 4400 Unlimited class compete for the coveted Crandon World Championship title in our broadcast premiere of “Rage on the Rocks,” which took place over Labor Day Weekend.

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